Optimum filler density of Spiral wound gasket

Spiral wound gaskets and optimum filler density

Ensuring optimum filler density across spiral wound gaskets, and in particular, the windings is what is classed as controlled density. The reason why this is so important? It is what is required when achieving consistent compression levels and perfect sealability.  Controlled density is also a process that makes it possible to achieve the perfect filler density, making seals last… Continue reading Spiral wound gaskets and optimum filler density


Colours on Spiral Wound Gasket

Does colour matter? When it comes to choosing the correct gasket for your application, colour, and different colour gaskets can play an important role in the decision-making process. Using a strategic colour coding system, the selection, as well as the categorisation of gaskets, is now much more accessible. You can now know in an instant, all through colour coding, just what filler and winding… Continue reading Colours on Spiral Wound Gasket

Optimum filler for Spiral wound gasket

Optimum filler for Spiral Wound Gaskets

There’s a lot that comes with the makeup of gaskets and in particular spiral gaskets at that. How you can achieve consistent compression and top-class sealability with these all comes with knowing what their controlled density is and how this particular element and precision manufacturing ensures the most favourable density filler across all windings. Why is this important? Because… Continue reading Optimum filler for Spiral Wound Gaskets